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Equine Exercise Equipment Servicing & Maintenance

Race Horse Training Equipment Maintenance Servicing Australia

We provide maintenance and servicing for the following :

Equine Exercise Equipment Servicing Maintenance Australia

Individual, customised horse training equipment maintenance and servicing schedules for all brands of equine training equipment.

General stable servicing maintenance and repairs.

In-situ repairs and modifications at your location, including stabling, external yards, wash bays and tie-ups.

Maintains Artisan Equine treadmills and equipment.

Authorised service agent for HorseGym and Magnum Equine treadmills in Australia.

Welding services, both on site and factory-based repairs.

Electrical repairs and recalibrations.

About our maintenance services.

We understand the day-to-day pressures of running a training business.  When training equipment breaks down you need an equine solutions partner that can be there for you.  We endeavour to be on site within 72 hours of a reported breakdown.  Our staff have great experience in all operational equipment matters relating to walkers and treadmills.  Whilst breakdowns happen our preferred approach is for regular maintenance checks to ensure vital equipment is looked after and that things like belts are under regular review for wear and tear.  This minimises disruption to daily training routines as well as avoiding costly breakdowns.

“We offer value for money services that are responsive to the needs of your operation”.

– Russell Bieber
Managing Director
Artisan Equine

We endeavour to be on site within 72 hours of a reported breakdown.

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