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"Big Mack" Horse Gym T5-XL Treadmill



Make Horse Gym
Model T5-XL
Year 2014
Minimum Speed 3 km/h
Maximum Speed Approx. 50 km/h
Max Incline 6 degrees
Fan Single high flow fan mounted to front gate
Sides Makrolon clear sides

Additionally, this treadmill possesses:

  • Touch screen control with programmable function
  • Front and rear ramps have gas struts to enable easy cleaning of manure
  • As with all HorseGym machines, they have a leg and post chassis which is ideal when sweeping underside


*No modifications have been undertaken which takes the machine away from original design specifications


We have just taken delivery of this lovely HorseGym T5-XL treadmill. These are the widest treadmill that we know of!!! The difference with the T5 and the mainstream T4 is the larger motor and higher top speed (50 km/h versus 45 km/h). The XL model is wider than the regular T4 and T5 machines, with the belt width being a whopping 1000mm wide rather than 800mm.

We haven’t yet had the chance to fully go over this treadmill, but it will be sold with a brand-new front gate and a high flow fan. The belt will also be replaced with our top of the range 8mm top cover belt with it’s unique splice before cure manufacturing process, which gives a much stronger splice. For piece of mind, we will also replace the lubricator pump for the belt. The treadmill will be fully serviced and sold with a 6-month warranty from date of sale.


Expected to be ready for sale in early September 2023. Expressions of interest for this treadmill now open.

Better photos will be listed once the treadmill is ready for sale.

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