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"Oldie but a Goodie" Classic Galloping Treadmill - available on consignment

Make Classic
Model Galloping
Year 1994
Incline – front 6 degrees
Incline – rear 5 degrees
Fan None
Weight scales Included but not currently working. Owner believes that a couple of wires have been pulled out. Unsure what is required to fix this. Please assume the worst and if it can be fixed, it is a bonus
Hours Unknown
Top speed 50 – 60 km/h
Power requirements 3-phase
Gate configuration Front, rear and side hatch
Drive type Hydrostatic drive (electric / hydraulic
Price $36,000 total (there is no GST applicable in this sale as client is not registered for GST)

Disclaimer – this treadmill is being sold on consignment and on behalf of our vendor. Please note that any potential sale will be between the vendor and purchaser.


This treadmill was purchased new by the owner’s father Bob back in 1994 or 1995 in Tasmania. About 20 years ago, the treadmill was shifted to Lardner Victoria where the machine is still currently located. It has always been kept under cover out of the direct elements. Unfortunately, Bob passed away earlier this year and this is why we find ourselves assisting with the sale of this unit, on behalf Bob’s son. Russell from Artisan Equine has viewed the treadmill and makes the following comments.:

The treadmill appears to be in a fundamentally sound condition. It is an older machine from the Classic brand, built in QLD Australia. It is equipped with a highly unusual front and rear incline / decline function, where the rear of the treadmill can be raised if decline work is in order, usually for rehabilitation work. There are weight scales built into the deck and these are not currently functional. The owner believes there are some wires which have been pulled out during a belt replacement process a couple of years ago. We have not diagnosed this so cannot add any further comment, except that you should assume the worst and take it as a bonus if it can be repaired. The treadmill hydraulics work as expected and the speed certainly gets up well into the galloping range, estimated to be 50 to 60 km/h!

I’m told that the seals in the hydraulic rams were replaced 2 years ago. The belt has some minor crazing marks in the top cover which you can see as the belt goes over the front and rear rollers and the hairline cracks move apart. In our opinion, this is not a reason to replace the belt. We could not see and assess the underside of the belt as it is too tight and will need to be loosened, and therefore cannot see the belt carcass condition. There is still plenty of adjustment remaining which is a good thing.

There is some mesh on the rear gate which will need to be welded. The non-slip surface on the platform is coming adrift, but there is a roll of no-slip conveyor rubber which can be supplied with the sale. The belt lubrication nozzle rail and pump pack have been removed (for unknown reason) but are available. The timer to switch the treadmill off after a preset time is sticky, but our experience shows that this function is rarely used. The machine is noisy partly due to the fact it is of the hydrostatic type, and also because of the manure build up on the support rollers which is very normal. The machine will need a good service and also a more thorough inspection during this process.

Access for removal should be via tilt tray and there is enough access to maneuver the machine out and onto the truck. Artisan Equine can make interstate tilt tray company recommendations if required.

Initial enquiries should be via Russell at Artisan Equine. Genuine enquiries will then be passed on to the vendor. The price of $36,000 is for the treadmill in an as-is condition. There is no warranty from either the vendor nor Artisan Equine. The transaction is between purchaser and vendor.

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