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"Little Ripper" Classic Short Deck Trotting / Cantering Treadmill

Make Classic Treadmills
Model CMD – Walk on, walk off (walk through)
Deck Length Short (approx. 3.3 metres roller centre to roller centre)
Year 2001
Minimum Speed 1 km/h
Maximum Speed Approx. 27 km/h
Max Incline 7 degrees
Power Requirements 3-phase non-RCD protected (hard-wired in)
Drive Type Hydrostatic drive (electric / hydraulic)
Roof Included if required
Fan High flow, front gate mounted
Belt Condition Near new

Comes with a full reservoir of belt silicone oil (approx. 5 litres)


*No modifications have been undertaken which takes the machine away from original design specifications apart from the fan


We have just taken delivery of this little gem of a Classic branded trotting / cantering treadmill which has the short deck design.

Russ used to service this machine up until a few years ago and since then, it has done very little work. Since we have taken delivery of it, we have given it a good going over and replaced various components to bring it up to tip top shape. Servicing has been completed so you shouldn’t need to worry about this for another 6 to 12 months, depending on usage. All of the electricals have been checked over and new switches and control box have been installed.

A new high flow front fan on a custom fabricated gate mounted frame will be included with the treadmill. It even comes with a matching roof (not pictured) which bolts to the sides, so you don’t need to keep it inside.

Please note that the gallery photos of this treadmill are photos of a similar treadmill with a roof.

This machine will be ready for delivery from Late August.

Expressions of interest for this treadmill are now open.

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