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"Oldie but a Goodie" GG Engineering Gallop Treadmill

Make GG Engineering
Model Gallop – walk on, walk off (walk through)
Year 2008
Minimum Speed 4 km/h
Maximum Speed Approx. 45 km/h
Max Incline 6 degrees
Power Requirements 3-phase
Drive Type Electric VSD drive

*No modifications apart from the front fan have been undertaken which takes the machine away from original design specifications


She is definitely an oldie but a goodie!!! Here we have a lovely GG Engineering branded galloping treadmill. It has been thoroughly tested, serviced and repairs carried out where required. This machine is in the same specification as when it left the production facility.

Basic rental terms:

  • 12 months minimum
  • Fully maintained
  • Silicon oil supplied within rental costs
  • Client pays for treadmill freight at commencement and end of rental term

*** Full terms and conditions can be viewed within the contract upon request

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