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Premium Treadmill Head Collar Strap Kit


Australian made, these durable straps are designed to clip from one end of the treadmill to the head collar of the horse.

The premium straps differ from the standard straps as they have a rubberised section which allows the force being exerted by the horse to have a gradual feel, rather than a sudden jolt. Once the rubberised section reaches a certain point, the strap webbing becomes fully extended and then takes all of the load. These are proven to be easier on the horses and can help in ensuring bad habits are not learned such as purposely jolting and breaking the straps.

No bailing twine necessary!

Ideal for babies, new to treadmill horses, pre-training and colts (among others). Fitted with a durable loop material to extend service life. Comes with two tension levels by selecting the appropriate hoop.

Standard colour green. Other colours and lengths available upon request as a special order.

Kits comprises two 50mm wide straps, four stainless steel bow shackles, two large heavy duty brass snap-hooks, two rubber rings and four stainless steel D-shackles.

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