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Artisan Equine Treadmill Silicone Oil


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Equine treadmills require regular maintenance and servicing to continue functioning optimally. While we recommend the annual servicing of a horse-waking machine, owners and managers can fine-tune various parts more frequently using treadmill silicone oil.

What is Silicone Oil?

This oil is a lubricant applied to walking machine components to help reduce friction and wear and tear and help extend the machine’s longevity. You commonly use treadmill lubrication oil for the conveyor belt, roller bearings, and other moving parts such as pivot points, hinges, and tracks. Silicone oil also protects against weather-related corrosion and rust.

Order High and Low Weight Artisan Equine Silicone Oil

Ensure you use the correct oil formulation and grade for your horse walking machine brand to avoid uneven movement and potential damage. For your convenience, we stock high-quality treadmill silicone oil and lubrication for various brands, including Classic, GG, and HorseGym.

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