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About Artisan Equine Australia

High quality and custom made race horse exercise equipment for the equine industry

Artisan Equine is an Australian-based engineering company that specialises in many different facets of the equine industry, focusing on equipment maintenance and handmade fabrication, both in-situ and factory/workshop based. Founded by Russell Bieber, we have been involved in the horse racing industry since 2014, predominately with thoroughbreds. Our team bring a wealth of knowledge about training establishments and racing facilities to provide best practice solutions for a wide variety of needs, including horse walkers, equine treadmills, yards, stables and other training equipment.

From our brand-new factory in Victoria, Australia, Artisan Equine offer a responsive and dedicated team to help you achieve the best out of your equine exercise and training infrastructure. We service stables across the country, whether it be at large metropolitan race tracks, stud farms and established trainers, as well as small rural trainers giving it a go on their farms.

Custom Made Equine Training Equipment

What makes Artisan different?

At Artisan, we will listen to your needs and wants, and use our intimate knowledge of engineering, automation and mechanics to ensure what we offer is fit for purpose. We will consult with you and recommend options to best meet your requirements and the pros and cons of each option so you can make an informed decision.

You will have a choice of off the shelf plans, full custom design and development, or we can work with you to modify and manufacture to suit your needs on a wide variety of equipment and stable-ware, including horse walkers, equine treadmills and outside yard stabling.

We also offer an all-inclusive and value for money maintenance services and schedules that are responsive and geared to the needs of training businesses, both for our own brand and other brand of equipment.

Artisan Equine’s services include:

  • In-situ repairs, modifications and fabrication at your location, including stabling, external yards, wash bays and tie-ups.
  • Custom made stabling equipment, designed to your specification.
  • Manufacture of a whole range of advanced equine treadmills from the small trotting machines all the way to the ultra-high speed galloping machines.
  • Maintenance of all brands of equine treadmill equipment, including replacement belts.
  • Authorised service agent for HorseGym treadmills in Australia.
  • Manufacturing and maintenance of horse walkers, including customised sizing to suit existing concrete slabs or unique site requirements.
  • Customised maintenance and servicing schedules.
  • In-situ repairs, modifications and fabrication at your location, including stabling, external yards, wash bays and tie-ups.
  • Stable and equipment electrical work can be provided by our electrical and automation specialist who understands the uniqueness of the equine industry and equipment.
  • Concreting to suit various stable requirements, including built in weight scales and treadmills, as well as walkers and washbays.
  • Welding services, both on site and factory based prefabrication.

Artisan Equine is the Authorised Service Provider for HorseGym treadmills, stocking a large range of parts for these machines, including belt and belt bed plates, electronic components, lubricators and silicon oil.

Through Magnum Equine Australia, we manufacture their walkers for the Australian market, and take care of their servicing requirements. We also manufacture some of their stable-ware such as feeders and feed bin mounting brackets.

Our vision is to build and supply high quality equine products supported by the best after-sales service in the country, understanding the utmost importance of having training equipment functional at all times and repaired promptly, ensuring any downtime is minimised.

Equine Exercise Equipment Fabrication and Maintenance Services

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