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Meet the Artisan Equine Team

Russell Bieber

Please call him Russ! Russ is the founder of Artisan Equine and has been working in the thoroughbred industry for over a decade, using his mechanical and engineering background dealing with a wide range of equine equipment, primarily treadmill, walker and fabrication related.

Prior to that, Russ held an operations role managing the aftersales and customer service division for a very well-known automotive brand in Australia where the customer satisfaction index (CSI) was the number one priority. At that time, the brand enjoyed a CSI rating of number one over all categories measured. 

Russ believes that customer satisfaction through having a great product, and level of after-sales support is absolutely key to the success of any business, including Artisan Equine. In many ways, Russ is old school, preferring to talk to people face-to-face with a good old fashioned handshake. 

He’s also renowned (by the team) as loving to have a chat with his customers, suppliers or anyone who might be walking past. Interestingly, Russ is also a part time beekeeper and is always happy to give honey away to Artisan Equine customers.

Sean Douglas

Sean is our foreman at Artisan Equine and is responsible for running the day to day operations of the workshop. 

Sean brings a massive amount of skills, experience and knowledge as he’s been a boiler maker for the past 36 years! The vast majority of those years have been spent in foreman type duties.

Outside of work, Sean enjoys spending time with his family and tinkering with little projects like his dirt bike.

James O’Hea

James is our leading hand fabricator within the factory. 

James has an amazing talent for working things out and has an aptitude for building things right. 

A keen one for the outdoors, James spends many-a-weekend hitting the trails in his 4×4.

Rob Veldt

Rob and Russ met when he worked for Horse Gym some years ago. 

Rob was installing a water treadmill and Russ was installing a walker. The two stayed in touch ever since, and when HorseGym pulled out of Australia in 2021 and Rob found himself without employment, it was a no-brainer to bring Rob into the team.

Rob has an absolute wealth of knowledge on treadmills in general, particularly the HorseGym brand. He also has an extensive knowledge of the various horse industries from thoroughbreds, to trotters to performance horses. 

Rob is based in Queensland and is our go-to guy when it comes to treadmill maintenance.

Jack Hanks

Jack has been with the team the longest (almost since the beginning of Artisan Equine) and is a true rock within the business. 

Like James, Jack is a perfectionist and can be trusted to pull off major fabrication jobs and lead installations. 

He is another keen four-wheel driver, carrying out many 4×4 modifications and fabrication jobs in his spare time.

Anh Phan

Anh is a great guy and is always smiling. 

Anh also has an engineering background and has a vast range of experience both in Australia and overseas. 

Because of this and his skills behind a Mig welder, he is an integral part of the framework for Artisan Equine. 

In his spare time, Anh really enjoys spending time with his wife and teenage kids.

Gareth Edwards

Gareth sub-contracts to Artisan Equine and is pretty much a full-time team member and considered a permanent fixture of the team. 

Gareth’s role is to take care of all of the electrical equipment on our treadmills and walkers, plus where possible, carry out electrical repairs to equipment out in the field. Gareth is also responsible for creating brand-new operating programs and spends a lot of his time working on the new proto-type machines we have in the pipeline. 

Weekends for Gareth are generally enjoyed with his family.

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