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Race Horse Training Equipment Manufacture & Fabrication

Our custom fabrication team comprises welders, fabricators, mechanics and an electrical automation specialist working together to manufacture whatever your equine training equipment needs are.

Equine Training Equipment Manufacture Australia
Race Horse Exercise Equipment Manufacture Australia

We also have very close partnerships with other specialist services and suppliers who we consider part of our Artisan team and who always go the extra mile for our customers. Some of these include specialist engineers, metal platers, steel and rubber suppliers, concreters and laser cutters.

All inhouse manufacture and fabrication work is undertaken in our brand-new, custom-built factory and workshop in Victoria, Australia using the highest quality materials and safe work practices.

Our focus is on designing and customising race horse exercise equipment to suit specific trainers and operators’ requirements rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach.

Safety is of paramount importance to Artisan Equine, and we employ OH&S specialists Safesmart Solutions to ensure our internal processes, practices and staff training are best practice. This ensures our safety practices continually meet the exacting standards of what is set down by the government and various racing authorities and establishments.

Artisan Equine’s products include:

  • High speed and walk/trot equine treadmills.
  • Treadmill oil and lubrication to suit a variety of different brands (HorseGym, Classic, GG etc).
  • Race Horse Walkers.
  • Weight scales (coming soon).
  • Feed bins.
  • Rotational feed bin doors.
  • Brackets and metal feeders.
  • Veterinary crush.
  • Hay feeders.
  • High quality spare parts for most equine training equipment.
  • Treadmill automation parts such as variable speed drives, PLCs and HMIs.
  • Revolutionary Truly Endless (otherwise known as Wrapped) running belts (absolutely no joins to separate or for horses to trip on) for Artisan Equine and Horsegym treadmills.
  • All types of mats, rubber and fasteners, including for stable boxes, walkers, round yards and lunging rings.
  • Electric motors and gear boxes (both three phase and single phase).

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